While the industry sector is facing a significant labour shortage, the operators’ skills development and versatility have become a necessity.

On 3rd March 2022, the QUALIOPI certification was awarded to CAZENEUVE, demonstrating once again the high quality level to which the company is committed, not only with regard to its products made in France, but also to service and customer support!

What does the QUALIOPI certification mean?

The QUALIOPI certification testifies to the quality of vocational training. It is valid for 3 years and has become mandatory since 1st January 2022 for all the service providers working in the field of skills development:  e.g. training initiatives or apprenticeship training.

To get this certification, 7 criteria are considered with reference to the National Quality Reference Framework, in particular full public information on the conditions for admission, the services and the expected results. Also the training terms and conditions must be adapted to the specific needs of the trainees, the teaching content must be coherent with the objectives, the trainers must be qualified for their teaching and a process of continuous improvement, including the handling of customers’ claims, must have been implemented.

The QUALIOPI certification is delivered by accredited certification bodies, such as ICPF.

What is the value for the trainee?

With the QUALIOPI certification, the trainee has a guarantee of quality regarding the teaching that will be given to them.

Thanks to the expertise and knowledge of its approved trainers, CAZENEUVE conducts training sessions regarding the following CNC:

  • CAZENEUVE OPTIMAX V3 (SIEMENS) control system,
  • CAZENEUVE OPTIMAX V2 (SIEMENS) control system,
  • CAZENEUVE OPTIMAX V1 (NUM) control system,
  • NUM PL + S control system,

CAZENEUVE offers training for the latest generations of machinery and software, as well as the older ones. Thus the beneficiary can save time when making organisational changes, when it comes to replacing a machine or an operator.

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