A machine tool from the simplest to the most sophisticated, becomes effective only if the operator masters the equipment perfectly.

CAZENEUVE is QUALIOPI certified, which attests to the quality of the skills development processes offered by our company.

Who better than the very manufacturer, can provide quality training on learning how to operate their machine ?

CAZENEUVE makes its own technicians available, for a complete range of training programmes and adapted and personalised advice on your site, in its plant or remotely, in order to improve the performance of your working tool and increase the awareness of your operators in terms of safety.

The general training on operating systems can also be supplemented by personalised training or level 1 maintenance training and higher.

CAZENEUVE has official DataDock approval and has all the factual elements that prove that it meets the quality requirements dictated by regulations.

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Our team is also at your disposal at + 33 (0)4 74 16 20 01.

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