Design manufacturing

Engineering office

Equipped with the latest generation in CAD/CAM equipment, the CAZENEUVE engineering office makes use of its multidisciplinary expertise (resistance of materials, design, co-development, programming, command & control, mechanics, etc.) and its technical-economical pragmatism to design the structure and the mechanical assemblies.

Built-in safety

Highly involved in the safety of users, CAZENEUVE incorporates the latest technological generations into its machines.

  • Safety requirements reinforced right from the design stage
  • Maximum protection with the “SAFETY” PLC
  • Machine risk analysis: electrical, mechanical, electronic safety
  • Compliant with standard 2006-42 EC

Technical control over more than 6000 m²

  • Transmission at all levels of know-how that has been accumulated over a hundred years.
  • Effective organisation in our workshops: machining – control and sequencing – assembly, integration and tests – showroom and training.
  • Specific control in the rectification of beds, scraping, etc.

Every month, we deliver around fifteen lathes to our customers.

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