Featuring prism guides, this iD-MAX 700 slant bed lathe is ideal for producing single-piece or series parts of medium to large dimensions. Its proportionate sheet metal provides significant volumes, allowing optimal access for setting up parts, tools, and other accessories.

Made in France

Our ID-MAX 700 slant bed lathe is conceptualized and assembled in our workshop located in France by our team of machine tool experts.

Technology & Operator

Our software has been developed by turners, for turners, with simplicity, ergonomics, and productivity as guiding principles.

Support & training

As CAZENEUVE is synonymous with proximity to its customers, we are committed to addressing your needs before, during, and after the installation of your machine, by offering certified training sessions.

Integrated safety

Highly committed to user safety, CAZENEUVE enforces an enhanced safety protocol on its machines from the very design stage. Compliance with the 2006/42/EC standard is ensured.

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  • Chuck: Hydraulic 3-jaw Ø 300 mm
  • Turret: Automatic 12 positions
  • Tailstock: Hydraulic CM5
  • SAFETY Function: Integrated
  • Distance between centres: 1100 / 1600 /2000 / 3000 mm
  • Swing over bed: 750 mm
  • Machinable diameter: 550 mm
  • Spindle bore diameter: 100 mm
  • Rotation speed: 2700 rpm


Manufactured from a monobloc cast iron structure, the ID-MAX 700 incorporates the concept of hardened and ground prism guides, capable of withstanding significant cutting forces while absorbing vibrations. This design significantly improves tool life.

With the 4-slide bed concept, the movements of the X and Z carriages are not limited by the tailstock position, thus reducing the risk of collisions.

Electrical cabinet & SAFETY function

The easily accessible electrical cabinet of the ID-MAX 700 slant bed lathes is composed of multiple SIEMENS components to ensure the machine’s longevity. The “SAFETY” function is integrated by default to provide optimal protection for operators.

New Optimax³ interface

Resulting from an extensive R&D process focused on ergonomics, productivity, and safety, CAZENEUVE has reinvented the concept of modern traditional turning: simple and effective!

Features include:

  1. Modern and user-friendly console ergonomics, with a large multi-touch screen.
  2. 3D graphical simulation with time calculation before and during machining.
  3. Quick and intuitive familiarization.
  4. Reduced setup time.
  5. Safety zone management.
  6. Maintenance table with follow-up reminders.
  7. Energy consumption analysis.
  8. PC simulator.
  9. Remote maintenance.

Offering three machining possibilities:

  1. Manual machining with open door.
  2. Automatic machining with pre-defined simple cycles (turning and milling) and specific CAZENEUVE functionalities.
  3. Machining of a range in conversational program.

Eco design & environment

In line with our environmental commitment, our ID-MAX 700 slant bed lathes are designed and manufactured in compliance with current standards. CAZENEUVE is dedicated to supporting environmental protection by adopting an energy-saving strategy.

The selected electrical equipment and parameters are tailored to reduce our customers’ energy consumption.

Energy-efficient motors.

Eco mode and standby mode of the control panel.

Overview of the energy consumed and re-injection of the energy returned to the power grid.


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Our ID-MAX 700 teach-in lathe (or tooling lathe) embodies unparalleled robustness and delivers improved precision and ease of operation. With this slant bed lathe, machining single or series parts is even easier!

To experience it firsthand, what could be better than a video demonstration? Visit our workshop to discover the full potential of the ID-MAX 700 slant bed lathe!


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