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« Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication »
Léonard de Vinci

The Software V3 was born out of this philosophy.

The Evolution of Machining: From Traditional Control to OPTIMAX³

Machining is an ever-evolving field. While traditional machining once dominated the market, today’s CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology has revolutionized the industry. Among the myriad of CNC solutions available, CAZENEUVE’s OPTIMAX³ stands out not only for its advanced features but especially for its ease of use.

Traditional Lathe vs. Numerical Control

The traditional lathe, although still employed for specific applications, has limitations in terms of precision, speed, and automation. With the rise of numerical control, these constraints have been vastly surpassed. CNC offers micrometric precision, impeccable repeatability, and process automation, thereby reducing human errors.


OPTIMAX³ is more than just a numerical control. It’s a comprehensive solution that combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly operation.

This machining software draws inspiration from traditional lathe principles to cater to seasoned operators while significantly simplifying all machining tasks. It empowers everyone to machine parts, even the most intricate ones, with ease. Furthermore, the OPTIMAX³ interface incorporates features specific to CAZENEUVE, ensuring a unique user experience and optimal efficiency.

In essence, CAZENEUVE’s spirit is to honor the legacy of traditional turning while shaping the future of machining. While traditional machining holds an iconic place in manufacturing history, CNC technology, and particularly CAZENEUVE’s OPTIMAX³ software, delivers unparalleled performance. By merging the methods and expertise of traditional turning with automation advancements, OPTIMAX³ provides professionals with a pioneering tool, ready to address the current and future challenges of the industry.


NC 840 Dsl with built-in microprocessor

Fast and intuitive features

19’’ HD Multitouch touchscreen with built-in zoom function

Integrated safety features


With 3 machining options

Open door machining

Automated machining with predefined basic cycles (turning and milling) and CAZENEUVE-specific functionalities

Machining within a conversational programming framework

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