OPTIMAX 590 ep 1800 SIEMENS (V2 – 2017)

This lathe, which is both compact and offers interesting machining capabilities, is equipped with the second version of the “OPTIMAX” programming software. Commercialized between 2007 and 2017, this versatile machining lathe combines the modernity and robustness of a highly dimensioned and world-renowned mechanic.

Designed and developed to satisfy a large range of professionals.
Through its size, its robustness and its characteristics, this lathe will fit into your workshops, as a long-term addition.
Compact and offering the operator an optimum working environment, this lathe is ideal for creating your tools, unit parts, prototypes and small-size repairs. The French machining lathe par excellence, all together modern, precise and robust, acknowledged worldwide.

Ergonomic and maximum working environment for this machine range.
For the operator, access to the machine and the space inside the cabin favours the setting up and machining of small- and medium-sized parts.
Several LED lights provide excellent visibility and precision work over the entire distance between centres.
The versatile machining lathe combines the modernity and robustness of highly-dimensioned mechanics, with a reputation worldwide.

Range of lathes for machining long parts (up to 6 metres).
Available in 2 or 3 axes, this lathe provides the operator with full comfort for simplified and superior quality machining, including on long parts.
The precision and the robustness of the lathe are ensured by its wide hardened and ground bed as well as by its “double V” guidance.

The power of the motors and the rigidity of this range, provided by a generously-sized single-piece cast iron frame, allows for substantial removal of swarf while still guaranteeing exceptional stability. Access to the machining / adjusting zone is facilitated thanks to an optimum working height combined with the structure of this machine, which makes it possible to bring the spindle axis close to the operator.

This “heavy” range was designed to meet the needs of our customers for machining unit parts and small runs for large and/or massive dimensions. The motorisation and the quality of the guidance on a bed 1020 mm wide allows for precise work over a long period.

This lathe with an inclined bed is designed for making unit parts or runs. Removal of swarf is optimised thanks to the built-in conveyor in this compact machine. Equipped with an automatic turret, changing tools is fast and makes it possible to increase productivity as well as the machining of complex parts that require several tools. IDMAX 500 is differentiated by its prismatic guideways, guaranteeing robustness and precision over time.
Very compact despite its generous capacities, this lathe will easily find a place in your workshops.

This lathe with an inclined bed is appreciated by the industry for its robustness, its precision and its reliability, thanks in particular to its wide prismatic guideways. Both compact and versatile, this machine provides the user with great flexibility. Its machining capacities allow for the creation of small- and medium-sized parts.

This lathe with an inclined bed provided with prismatic guideways is ideal for making unit parts or runs, of medium and large size. Its structure provides substantial volume allowing for optimum access for setting up parts, tools and accessories.

This range of robust lathes with an inclined bed is designed for making heavy parts and/or large-size parts. swarf removal and precision work are ensured thanks to the characteristics of the machine, prismatic guideways and its strong motorisation.

XENON 650 is the range’s most compact vertical machining centre. The 24-position tool changer and the linear guidance provide high precision and productivity for making unit parts and runs, of small size.
The power of the very latest numeric control SIEMENS 840D sl combined with the conversational ShopMill makes it a machining centre that is very pleasant to use.

Compact and versatile vertical machining centre. Its size is identical to the XENON 650 but offers more machining capacities thanks to its table and its superior travel. Good compromise for making small-size parts, this machining centre is acclaimed by professionals.

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