Area 11 – graphical display identical to reality

Graphical display identical to reality

Workpiece blank / Chuck / Jaw length / Turret / Tools

Program / ISO

  • Memorisation and execution of machining ranges (sequencing and memorisation of cycles to create a part program)
  • Writing and execution of a program in ISO language


List of available milling cycles


  • Free hand edition of profiles
  • Profile selection
  • Retrieval and process of DXF files

Simple machining

7 modes :

  • Stop
  • Thread machining
  • Drilling
  • Tapping
  • Cutoff
  • Groove
  • Rapid positioning


  • Free machining (handwheels and manipulator)
  • Machining with door open or closed


  • Workpiece selection
  • Workpiece setting (length, external diameter, internal diameter, workpiece editor)
  • Chuck and tailstock safety zone activation

Operator / Practical information

  • Increment selection, movement direction
  • Coolant start
  • Machining simulation, DryRun
  • Access to setting page
  • Addition of customised / optional keys

Machining data

Fill the fields according to the selected mode

Cutting conditions

  • Tool tables, settings and compensation
  • Feed selection
  • Speed selection (rpm or Constant Cutting Speed


  • Positions
  • Immediate, real speed and feed
  • Absorbed power on axes
  • Machine messages and information
  • Access to the maintenance page and remote control


Divers : Workpiece selection and setting

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