Conventional lathes with CNC assistance - OPTICA

Ideal for making unit and prototype parts.

The new generation of conventional assisted control lathes, OPTICA, is distinguished by its high productivity, precision and the ergonomics of the control interface.

Combining qualities of conventional machines with CNC , this new generation of lathes brings superior speed and acurracy, without changing operators habits (in particular the conventional use of the two hand wheels).

Because they are designed by operators for operators, these lathes are easy to use, quick to learn (less than a half-day is enough), and need no specific proficiency in programming language.

OPTICA lathes : complex machining is now accessible to everybody !

A leading edge technique

  • Ergonomics of a conventionnal machine, performance of a CNC machine without programming
  • Constant cutting speed
  • SImple or conical threads with repair or recovery
  • Sequences of complex machining: straight, conical, with radii, fillets and chamfers

Simplified use

  • Data backup directly on the machine with the possibility of saving programs on a PC (USB and RJ45 outlets)
  • Familiarising yourself with the OPTICA system takes less than a day : more information

Control panel

Pupitre OPTICA V3.png