Specialising for more than 110 years in conception, production and after-sales services of traditional and high technology lathes, CAZENEUVE innovates to support continuous improvement in the productivity of machinists.


entreprise France.gifFrench company at the forefront of the tool machine, CAZENEUVE designs and manufactures its machines in France in Pont-Eveque (38).

Company presentation


CAZENEUVE makes lathes very simple to use, quick to learn and able to produce very complex parts. A concept bringing a perceptible reduction in production costs for starting prices already attractive. 

Its strategy is based on a pragmatic approach (lathes designed by operators for operators), high technical expertise, control assembly and high quality service. CAZENEUVE develops increasingly productive machines, which are a source of significant reduction in machining costs.


CAZENEUVE has more than 6,000 commercial references:

  • Faithfull customers taking advantage of our real value.
  • From the small-sized companies producing prototypes or small size lots, to big groups.

CAZENEUVE lathes are scarcely exceptional but what our customers are able to do with our machine-tools, is really marvellous ! Since they have...

  • Supplied brakes for a Formula 1 car.
  • Started rockets in Kourou !
  • Taken part to the French bike tour.
  • Improved public health with prosthesis.
  • Been used in the luxury watch industry.
  • Equipped military maintenance workshops.

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